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A/P Baby Pads

LÉTTIA Collection A/P Printed Baby Pads

LETTIA Collection Printed A/P Pads

Lettia Collection Printed Baby Saddle Pads

LÉTTIA Collection Printed All-Purpose Baby Saddle Pads 

Available Patterns:


LÉTTIA Collection ICE Baby Pads

Cool Colors, Cool Slit, ICE Pads from LÉTTIA! The new ICE Baby Pads from LÉTTIA feature bright exciting colors. 

Available Colors:

  • NEW: ICE - Purple & Black (10530)
  • ICE - Black & Pink (10500)
  • ICE - Teal Blue (9782)
  • ICE - White (9751)
  • ICE - Electric Blue (9799)
  • ICE - Lime Green (9775)
  • ICE - Hot Pink (9768)

  • Suggested Retail: $25.99
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The LÉTTIA Collection Baker Line

The LÉTTIA Collection introduces a new line of pads, baby pads, and polos accented by the famous Baker Plaid! We’ve taken the most recognized pattern in the equestrian world and applied it to some of our best lines of products to produce a winning combination.

Available Styles: 

  • Light Blue w/Baker Plaid Trim (10047)
  • Navy w/ Baker Plaid Trim (8570)
  • White w/ Baker Plaid Trim (8587)

Suggested Retail: $29.99

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The LÉTTIA Collection Embroidered Baby Pad

New Product

Yin Yang Baby Pad PhotoNavy w/ Palm Tree Baby Pad Photo

The LÉTTIA Collection Embroidered Baby Pad is fun and functional all in one! Thanks to the addition of girth loops, you can use it as a traditional baby pad or by itself to show off our fun embroidered designs.

Available Styles: 

  • NEW - Blue & Green Alligator (10506)
  • NEW - Jack Russell (10503)
  • White w/ Fox Mask (10493)
  • Green w/ Fox Mask (10461)
  • White w/ Navy Anchor (10292)
  • Lilac w/ Grey Elephant (10295)
  • White w/ Snooty Fox (10298)
  • Infinity Love (10068)
  • Seafoam Jumper (10071)
  • Bows (10074)
  • Yin Yang (1137)
  • Navy w/ Palm Trees (1151)
  • Powder Blue,Brown Trim & Jumping Horse (4299)

Suggested Retail: $29.99
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LÉTTIA Collection Baby Pad with CoolMax® Lining



Styled as our original baby pad with the addition of CoolMax® lining, girth loops and wither relief design. This pad can be used by itself with a half pad or to transform your traditional pad into a moisture wicking machine!

Available Styles:

  • White Body with White Trim and CoolMax® lining (4510)
  • Hunter Body with Hunter Trim and CoolMax® lining (5869)
  • Black Body with Black Trim and CoolMax® lining (5876)
  • Chocolate Body with Chocolate Trim and CoolMax®
    lining (5883)

Suggested Retail: $34.99

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LÉTTIA Standard Baby Pads


LÉTTIA Collection Baby Pad

The Lettia baby pad is shaped to fit. There is no tugging
or pulling necessary. Lightweight and breathable, it's the
perfect pad to keep your washing chores to a minimum.

Available Styles:

  • White w/ White Trim (B11)
  • Navy w/ Navy Trim (B33)
  • Baby Blue w/ Baby Blue Trim (B1515)

Suggested Retail: $15.99

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