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Helmet Safety

Riding is definitely an activity that comes with inherent risk attached to it. Working in harmony with a teammate who is a 1,000+ pound four-legged creature with a mind of their own can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, since horses are like their riders--in that every one has their own unique personality—plans can go…well, not as planned. When your horse has a different agenda in mind than you do, a ride can suddenly become much more interesting. Sometimes that can involve wacky antics—bucks, hops, spooks, etc—which can lead to an unplanned dismount.

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Riding in Style!

There's only one thing that I like better than riding; and that's riding with style. In recent years, equestrian style has often been in the spotlight of the fashion industry. There are a lot of ways to accomplish a polished schooling or show ring ready look, while keeping a traditional look AND wrapping in a little bit of your own tastes...and, here's a few of them...

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What Bit is Best for My Horse?

Armed with knowledge of what the most common types of bits are, and what options are available in both cheek and mouth pieces, you can consider options of what type of bit is the best to use for your own horse.

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When do I Call the Vet?

My very favorite time of every single day is when I walk out my back door and head on down to the barn. I'm pretty sure that I have a smile on my face when I'm bouncing along down the path to get to the paddock, because I know that I'll be greeted there by a few happy (and hungry) horses. Maybe throw in an excited nicker for good measure...even if it is given partially because I'm carrying grain buckets. At this point, very little can set my mood askew. But then, I see something that requires a closer look; perhaps it's one of the horses taking a wrong step. Or maybe I see a cut or laceration. Or it could even be that one of them is acting sluggish. When I observe that something "just doesn't look right" with one of my horses, I usually get that gnawing feeling in my gut. And in this situation, I've just been faced with one of the (many) dilemmas that inevitably come along with owning or caring for horses--whether or not to pick up the phone to call your vet.

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Spring and Summer Show Season is Almost Hear! Are you Prepared?

That time of year is getting closer and closer...Spring and Summer show season! While the Winter show season is full swing in some areas, others areas are in a battle against snow, ice and cold temperatures. Regardless of whether you are currently competing in warmer climates, or whether you are anxiously awaiting the warmer weather which will accompany the startup of your local show season, a lot of work and preparation is needed for a safe and successful season. Getting ready for the season might include lessons with a trainer, or putting time into schooling sessions. It might be taking an inventory of supplies or spending extra time in order to give your tack that extra cleaning it deserves. Or, it might even be taking time to practice perfecting your braiding or clipping techniques. While all of these activities can help with your preparations, there is an area that is often overlooked when traveling to a show: horse health planning.

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